The goal of Kentucky Food and Farms Files is to provide students and teachers access to timely, relevant texts and videos about Kentucky agriculture, but also provide a learning opportunity by pairing reading comprehension lessons to these texts.

The following articles have been transcribed to printable PDFs. Some have specific reading comprehension questions, but students may also answer these questions for each:

Before You Read/View
1. What do you think is the subject of this article or video?
2. What do you know about this subject, or what opinion do you have about this subject?
3. Note the  source, author, and date of the article or video. Do you believe the source/author is credible and the information is still relevant? Why or why not?

As You Read/View
4. As you read or watch, write down any terms that are new to you. Use context—the surrounding text or information—to create a definition of those terms.

After You Read/View
5. Write down two new facts or statements you learned from reading the article or viewing the video. 
6. Did the information change any opinions you had about the subject? Why? 
7. Write a short (25 words or less) summary, fact, or opinion statement that you would want to share with your friends/peers about this subject. 

Educators may download a PDF of these questions to post in front of the room or hand out to each student: 

Questions to Guide Your Understanding (PDF)

Printable Articles

We are adding more articles to this section on a regular basis.