Hay and Grain Crops

Mackey Farm in Hardin Co., Kentucky

Mackey Farm in Hardin Co., Kentucky


In Kentucky, there are quite a few forage and grain crops that grow well.  Soy, wheat, and corn are important foods for humans and animals, and their by-products are used in many products we use every day.  Hay is an important forage for animals that uses more acreage than any other crop in Kentucky! A few minor grains like chia, sorghum, and oats round out the state’s versatile forage and grain production.




    Pasture & Hays

    Glossary of Terms:

    • Crop rotation - The practice of growing different crops in the same area in a sequence that helps the plants grow strong.
    • Pollination - Moving pollen to different parts of the flower to help the flower reproduce. Bees and birds help pollinate plants.
    • Mill - A building where workers and machines grind grain into flour.
    • Miller - Someone who works in a mill.
    • Enrichment - Adding vitamins or minerals to food to make them even more healthy for humans to eat.
    • Irrigation - A process farmers use to get water to plants in the field.
    • Combine - A special piece of equipment that drives through corn fields and pick up the corn.
    • Cover crop - Vegetation planted specifically to “rest” a field, replenish soil nutrients, and prevent soil erosion and compaction. Cover crops are not consumed by humans, but may be planted in succession with food crops for humans or other animals.

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