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Ky. meats are feature fare on holiday tables

Three central Kentucky producers are building successful business models while offering fresh, local meats for dinner menus. Each one loved to farm but realized without marketing the bounty, the joy of farming would merely be an expensive hobby.  They’ve succeeded in finding a variety of markets for beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, duck and eggs.

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University of Kentucky extension helps livestock producers deter black vultures

Black vultures are a concern for livestock producers throughout Kentucky, particularly this time of the year, as they can kill newborn calves and other juvenile livestock. University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment faculty and staff are working with Kentucky producers to find low-cost, legal options to control these birds and prevent livestock losses.

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Learning More about Animal Agriculture: A critical component of the ag industry

In Kentucky, animal agriculture represents well over half of the ag economy when taking into account all livestock sectors.

Most of this can be attributed to tradition but because of the investments made in the whole industry much of which comes from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund, not only has livestock production grown but animal quality remains important and is exceptional in many cases.

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