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Growing Kentucky’s Wheat Industry: Remembering Kentucky Farmer Don Halcomb

While every person I met had a passion for agriculture and growing opportunities for our farmers, I took special notice of Logan and Simpson Co. farmer Don Halcomb. I am sad to report, however, that I attended his funeral last month, but it was evident that the same impression he left on me was felt by hundreds if not thousands of people.

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Corn and Soybeans Rank Among Kentucky’s Top Commodities

“Young, ambitious farmer looking for land to lease.”

That’s how Ryan Bivens described himself in ads when he moved to Hodgenville 11 years ago hoping to establish a farming career. It might be an unorthodox way to build a farm operation, since most farmers inherit a family business, but it didn’t take long for people to see how serious Bivens was, or how successful he could be.

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Kentucky Wheat Production: The Grain Chain

Wheat seed is not very big, but what it helps produce is huge. Kentucky farmers, like the Hunts in Hopkinsville, plant that tiny seed in their fields in mid-to-late October. By June, it has developed into grain that helps fuel economies, create jobs, build corporate partnerships, and most importantly, provide nourishment to countless numbers of people every day in Kentucky and across the nation.

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