A Field of Lacefield

From the 2017 mAGazine


UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment plant breeder Tim Phillips has developed a new tall fescue variety and named it after Professor Emeritus Gary Lacefield to honor his many contributions to the forage industry. Lacefield joined the college in 1974 as an extension forage specialist.

The variety, Lacefield MaxQ II, will be commercially available in 2017. The drought tolerant, insect resistant, vigorous variety is an offspring of selections of endophyte-free Kentucky 31 and related lines. It does not, however, produce the ergot alkaloids that can cause fescue toxicosis, which primarily affects cattle, but can also can harm pregnant mares and milk goats. Like its professional namesake, Phillips said, the Lacefield MaxQ II is "Kentucky born, Kentucky bred, and Kentucky proven to excel."

Read more at http://news.ca.uky.edu/article/uk-breeder-develops-new-tall-fescue-variety