Kentucky is dedicated to Animal Welfare

Making sure animals are healthy and cared for is a primary concern of our Kentucky farmers. While most of the animals raised in agriculture will be used for food, farmers realize that unhealthy animals do not provide quality meats, eggs, milk, and co-products. Quality is a primary factor for determining the price a farmer receives for his or her livestock products. 

Kentucky livestock today are more comfortable and better cared for than at any time in history. The Kentucky agricultural community has worked to improve animal handling facilities, health care, feed quality, genetics, and producer knowledge. The investment in research at our universities has enabled producers to apply science-based improvements in all sectors of the animal life cycle.

Kentucky Livestock Care Standards

The Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission was created to develop science-based, on-farm standards that will protect our animals. The commission, headed by Kentucky State Veterinarian Robert C. Stout, created a care standards document for all farm animals and lists approved feeding, housing and health procedures in caring for livestock.

View the current Kentucky Livestock Care Standards (see Chapter 21).

Animal Welfare is a priority of many Kentucky farmers and farm organizations, but is a primary issue of the Kentucky Livestock Coalition and the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association

Kentucky farmers talk about the care they give to their animals

The following videos were developed by the Kentucky Soybean Board.

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