National Ag Day: Celebration of My Life on the Farm

This week is National Ag week, and today is National Ag Day. It is celebrated to recognize the involvement agriculture has in everyday lives. You may not realize that agriculture touches everyone in some way. In today’s society most people are three to four generations removed from the farm. This is one of the reasons we share our life on the family dairy and grain farm. But for us every day is Ag Day. Dairy farming is the legacy we are continuing. Praying that if it is God’s plan that Sadie and “twins” will choose to carry on the family tradition.

s I looked at the photos taken from the last few days, there was a theme. Sadie is not yet two and loves to be outside. As soon as she gets up for the morning or from a nap, she is ready to go outside. If she hears anyone pass her house, she is at the door trying to stop them. Within seconds the boots, hat, and coat are on and she waits at the door … sometimes crying until she is “rescued”. It is almost impossible to get her back in the house. This reminds me of Sadie’s Mom, Ellie. She loved to be outside where the action was happening. She grew up on the farm and experienced every aspect.

Why do I think there is a theme? Flashback fifty years ago, there was a little girl who lived at the barn ... only going in the house when it was time for bed. I guess Mom knew she did not stand a chance of me doing housework. When your playmates are baby calves, cats, a dog, pony and lots of land to explore, you never get bored. I do not remember that feeding the calves was a “chore’. I only remember it as fun. The older I got the more help I was to Dad. Barn work was a great form of exercise. There was a lot of shoveling involved over the years. Then I got to drive at a very early age and Dad had an extra driver. From just steering the hay truck and not reaching any pedals to driving a tractor and only being able to push the clutch by sliding off the seat. To this day, I love to mow hay and smell the fragrance. Working a field and the smell of dirt or the look of a fresh worked ground gives me a satisfying feeling. In the fall, the aroma from silage and shelled corn excites the same sensations. But there is one smell that you always know when you are home, it is the by-product from our cows!

For me National Ag Day is a celebration of my life on the farm. I hope I am able to share with others the importance agriculture. Ag does affect everyone, but for me agriculture is a part of my being. Yes, we help feed the world, but there is one commodity that is not sold. One of the greatest Gifts that my parents gave me, was life on the family dairy farm. 

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Lesa Elliott Clark, LeCows Dairy