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Chaney's Dairy Barn in Bowling Green Looks to Provide Non-Homogenized Milk to Customers

As today's farmers are looking to set their products apart for added value, one small Kentucky dairy is considering making the "moooove" to milk that has not been homogenized.

What is "homogenization" you may ask? It is a process where milk is intensively mixed so that the natural milk fat, or cream, does not separate and collect on the top. Most all of the milk purchased at the grocery store these days has been homogenized to ensure a consistent product from many different dairies.

The idea was presented to the Chaney's because of a processing challenge with their bottler during the holidays. They decided to give it a go and so far they have had a warm reception from their customers.

Owners Carl and Debra Chaney said that there has been a slight learning curve for a few of their buyers as they are not used to seeing the thick cream rise to the top of milk. In some cases, customers thought the milk had spoiled. A good shake is really all it takes to mix the cream back into the milk OR it can be skimmed off the top for making other delicious dairy goodies like whipped cream and butter (but you will need a lot of it).

The Chaney's are still deciding if they want to make their "old-fashioned" milk a regular product. I hope they stick with it. I love seeing more folks bringing nostalgia back into the kitchen.

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